Short Sale Info

What is a short sale?

A short sale occurs when a lender agrees to take less than the amount that is
owed on a piece of property. A short sale is successful when your net proceeds
from a sale are insufficient to cover your loan balance but the lender agrees to
take a lesser amount. National Realty Group provides short sale advice and
services at no cost to the home owner.

When you are upside down, some use the term underwater, and you need to sell
your home a short sale is the most common solution. However, it is not the only
solution. Is a short sale best for you? Click here or call
us at 800-406-9606.

You may have questions about ALL your options, not just a short sale. It is very
difficult to find someone to give you all your options. A Real Estate Salesperson
will tell you to do a Short Sale because it makes them the most money.
An Attorney will tell you to file BK because that’s their only solution.
A Loan Modification expert will push you towards their services because it is the
only way they make money.
National Realty Group’s Broker is a Certified Mortgage Advisor and will look at all
options and help you with the one best suited for your goals and situation.

If you want more information about short sales click here or call us at 800-406-9606.

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