William Melendez


Hello my Name is William Melendez and I am Real Estate Agent for National Realty Group, During my time as a Realtor that has spanned more than a decade now I have developed a network of trustworthy people that can Help you out with Insurance Legal Matters and tax issues. Now that I am with National Realty I have expanded my network to Loans, Escrow, Property Management and Rentals. My most recent sale was representing a family who wanted to purchase a Home in Riversides Historic wood streets. I battled for my clients everyday to get them into this exclusive area and in January they moved into their Historic Home guaranteed to retain its value in the $300k range. Most likely you are one of my friends viewing my website for the first time, and most people who use a Real Estate Agent use someone they know or someone their friend knows. If I don’t know you I look forward to making a new friend. If your interested in selling your house or want to know what houses are going for in your neighborhood please contact me for your free Market Analysis Report. Peace and Love.